Time for a new locally produced kitchen from Stockholm's archipelago?

We manufacture our kitchens out in Värmdö close to you as a customer. All measurements are adjusted down to the smallest detail according to your wishes.

Together with you, we create customized design kitchens at reasonable prices. Where you as a customer get the opportunity to create your own unique home.

Värmdö Snickeri offers fronts that are elegant & classic and give your kitchen an exclusive look. We can customize kitchens inside and out.

Turn a standard kitchen into a dream kitchen.

Thanks to the fact that we produce in-house, we can offer you as a customer the absolute best price without intermediaries in the same class as the more expensive manufacturers, but at a much better price.

With us, you can choose to mix different kitchen front styles and colors. Everything from copper doors with white framing or grip strips on the drawer fronts & gold doors on the wall cabinets. Choose any NCS colours. Which means that you can get your very own stamp on the kitchen. You can also choose to have the kitchen primed if you wish to hand paint yourself! Everything is made to order with a delivery time of between 5-8 weeks depending on the load in production.

Special manufacturing

  • If you want custom-made kitchen doors for your kitchen, we will fix it.
  • For example. if you want raised hatches up to the roof?
  • Recessed doors for a stylish, handle-less feel?
  • Do you want extra thick doors? 22-25 mm?
  • Do you want more than 1 mirror in the frame/shaker doors?.
  • Should it be solid wooden shutters?
  • Would you like decorative tracks on the frame/shaker doors?
  • Do you want an extra narrow frame for the frame/shaker doors?
  • Do you want lighting integrated into the cabinets?
  • Should the wood be pattern-matched?
  • Door with mouldings, or perhaps a classic frame door.
  • Should the height of the cupboards be adjusted so that they go up to the ceiling?
  • We can manufacture our kitchens in the material you desire.

    We can manufacture both veneered and solid doors in Oak, Walnut, Ash, etc. You can choose if you want them in their natural color or if you want them stained in your NCS color of your choice.

    Contact us and we will tell you more and help you all the way forward in your project.