We manufacture bookshelves and shelves tailored to your wishes.

We take all our projects with you in focus. You are put in the center and talk about your thoughts and ideas of how you want your bookshelf to be designed.

As long as the adaptation is made based on the design of your room, and you are free to fill in your current wish list

  • Choice of material, such as Lacquered in any NCS colour. Or veneer for Massive. If you want Ash or walnut...
  • Do you want lighting in your bookcase?
  • Hatches or drawers?
  • Desired pilasters (pillars as shown in the picture below)
  • Door with mouldings, or perhaps a classic frame door.
  • The height of the cabinet is adjusted depending on the function of the bookshelf. Should it be used as a media module or for extra storage?
  • Should the bookshelf be supplemented with a solid worktop or stone slab?

Most of the time, we manufacture our bookshelves in modular systems that make it quick and easy to install. Cabinets and shelves therefore come as pre-assembled sections that only need to be put in place.

But easier and faster installation lowers the price for you as a customer.

Contact us and we will tell you more and help you move forward with your project.